Let’s talk about what we can expect in the vaping community in the next 4 years with Trump as President of the United States.

Donald Trump’s victory in the most recent presidential elections came as a surprise to all of us- supporters and those in opposition alike. Slowly, reality is sinking in with his recent inauguration and official taking over of office putting those still in doubt of reality out of their misery. There is no denying the fact that Trump is one controversial politician and his attitudes and beliefs have many people anxious about what his next steps are going to be. What will happen to Obama Care? Will the gay rights movements be set back a few decades? And for those who enjoy indulging in a bit of nicotine every now and then, what will be the future of vaping in the United States of America?

What Is Vaping?

Before we go into the all the legislature and policies surrounding this practice, it is important to first and foremost understand what exactly vaping is.

By definition, vaping is the practice of inhaling and exhaling tobacco vapor using an electronic cigarette. The practice is fairly new but research so far suggests that it is a much safer way to consume tobacco than smoking and has received a lot of support from both the public and health care professionals.

Past And Current Legislation On Vaping

Since it hit the market as a trend, vaping has not exactly had a smooth ride in the consumer market. This is as a result of skepticism from both the public and from law makers. In fact in 2009, vaping and the sale of e-cigarettes was considered illegal on account of a suspected relationship between vaping products and certain types of cancer. Fortunately, this claim was discredited due to lack of solid evidence and the ban was lifted just a year later.

2016 again was not a good year for vaping supporters and those in the business of producing and supplying vaping cigarettes. This came after the US Food and Drug Administration slapped producers and suppliers with a strict set of rules and regulations.

Under these legislations, vaping is considered a form of smoking with all equipment used being qualified as tobacco products. First of all, this means that the age limitations apply with vaping among members of the public under 18 years of age being considered a crime.

Vaping in no-smoking zones is also considered against the legislations in spite of the fact that there is literally zero risk of suffering effects of second hand smoke. Producers of e-cigarettes are also required to submit products for inspection, review and approval as well as including health warnings in their packaging.

President Trump’s Views On Vaping

With Trump’s recent election into the highest office in the US, people can’t help but wonder what the future of vaping is. Now before we go on it is important to understand one thing. Trump has not out rightly declared his views on vaping as a tobacco consumption practice. However, it is possible to extrapolate the potential outcome of his reign based on the general attitude of the Republican Party which currently holds a majority of the seats in senate. It is also possible to draw a conclusion based on Trump’s promises to make major reforms in the pharmacy industry and the regulatory body FDA. Among these reforms is the process of coming up with policies that facilitate production of higher quality products with maximum benefits and minimum risk to the consumer.

These sentiments have tobacco companies and producers of e-cigarettes super excited. This could mean that they finally get a chance to market their safer products with much less restriction. If the reforms made affect the Tobacco Act of 2009, vaping might end up being declared a separate entity from tobacco products and thus liable to more lenient regulation. This is great news for both the companies involved and those lobbying to have vaping advertised as a much healthier and safer alternative to smoking.

Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that Trump is planning to change a lot in the pharmacy industry including vaping regulations. It is possible that lobbyists will get their big break and convince the entire country that vaping is way safer than actual smoking. All we can do is wait to see what move our new fearless leader will make.