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Ice Cream Cone E-Juice by VistaVapors

Ice cream cone is the most delicious scoop ice cream you will ever see in a well brandished bottle cone.It is a $4.99 flavor fountain you only get to see in the movies now brought to your reach. Well prepared with the most hidden ice cream secrets only known to the best manufacturers. Highly nutritive and perfect as a sports companion. A 17ml, 9mg and 50% PG/VG blend and tasty treat regular flavored cream cone. A Smooth vape juice that will definitely top the chart amongst your favorites as a taste of it will immediately drive you craving for...

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Belladonna E-Liquid

With a label that clearly says ‘untamed’, Belladonna certainly promises to be a whirlwind of an experience. The color, design and tone set by the bottle itself tell you exactly what you are in for when you choose this e-juice. Belladonna is nothing if not tantalizing. This wonderful flavor does a wonderful job of combining strawberries with green apples and sweet undertones. If you are looking for a blend that will absolutely set your taste buds ablaze, bring out your wicked side and give you a vaping ride like none other, then Belladonna is the right choice for you....

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