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Pounded Lemoncake by Raven’s Moon

Pounded Lemoncake is an unbelievable smooth and rich taste lemon vape. Don’t go for only a single bottle because the cloud of effervescence emanating from this liquid will only last a few minutes and you will soon find yourself craving for more. What is more delicious at any time of the day than a bottle of this vanilla frosting pounded Lemoncake? Can’t think of anything. This $12 slightly creamy vape juice will force the yummy! out of your mouth. A must have flavor with a magnetic taste that will get you falling in love with eliquids.. Get it now...

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Arctic Boysenberry by Raven’s Moon Vapor

Arctic Boysenberry is an eliquid of the modern era. It is a berry flavor with a blast of menthol, brewed beneath magnificent snow covered trees and inflicted with a dash of artic breeze. A $12 eliquid and vape juice made from nothing but fresh ripe fruits. Don’t be surprise to notice the crowd staring at you for trying to squeeze out the last few drops from a bottle of Artic boysenberry you couldn’t resist. Shop here for the real stuff and get used to the original taste and flavor so you don’t get fooled by cheap imitations. Get it...

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Berry Hazelnutt by Raven’s Moon

Berry Hazelnut is an eliquid of the future. A match to nothing you have seen or tasted. Something so close to perfection could only have been meant for the gods. Just $12 and yet blended and branded with such an extraordinary culture of greatness. A vape juice with a unique and rare composition of blackberries, hazelnut and raspberries that will take you nowhere else but into the world of your dreams. Believe me the first molecule of this eliquid that touches your tongue will have you ringing or emailing the stores for more. All flavors so majestically combined to...

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Karamel Kustard by Raven’s Moon

Karamel Kustard is the Raven’s Moon $12 vape juice sensation. A Madagascar vanilla custard with a substantial quantity of warm caramel which compliments the burnt sugar inhale and creates buds with a stunning back flipping taste. A 70/30 VG/PG Juice for well-balanced rounded smooth vape and honey cream that wastes no time in front flipping the landed taste buds, leaving them in a state of ecstasy. Karamel Kustard is lab tested for diacetyl and acetoin and it taste so good, you won’t get enough of it. Get it now Flavor: Vanilla/Caramel Strength:...

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