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Berry Hazelnutt by Raven’s Moon

Berry Hazelnut is an eliquid of the future. A match to nothing you have seen or tasted. Something so close to perfection could only have been meant for the gods. Just $12 and yet blended and branded with such an extraordinary culture of greatness. A vape juice with a unique and rare composition of blackberries, hazelnut and raspberries that will take you nowhere else but into the world of your dreams. Believe me the first molecule of this eliquid that touches your tongue will have you ringing or emailing the stores for more. All flavors so majestically combined to...

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Blue Razberry Vape Juice by Air Factory

Blue Razz is a premium vape juice product by Air Factory. It comes in a 100 ML bottle and it’s currently discounted at $20.00. opposed to its original price of $35.00. It has 3 different nicotine strengths levels of 0, 3 and 6. The flavor Blue Razz hints at a taste similar to mystery expect with a blue taffy candy twist. Like all products from Air Factory, the packaging comes in a sleek and attractive design of balloon looking figures with black holes for eyes(their logo). Get it...

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