Is-Vaping-Dangerous-Is it Safe

Is Vaping Bad for You?

For those of us looking for an alternative way to avoid cigarettes, vaping is becoming the option for most people. So what is exactly vaping? Is vaping Dangerous, and is Vaping bad for you? These are the questions we need to answer. Vaping is the act of inhaling nicotine by the means of water vapor, through a personal vaporizer or E-Cigarette(Electronic Cigarette Device). The atomizer of the E-Cigarette produces vapor by heating the E-liquid. That being said, vaping is believed to be much safer than smoking cigarettes, because the vapor is much less harmful to the body than smoke is.

What makes vaping so much safer than smoking cigarettes?

Vaping is really just a much cleaner way of using nicotine. Because you don’t inhale any smoke or toxic cigarette related chemicals, it should, in theory, be much less harmful to your body. Vaping is also becoming the perfect alternative for those who are trying to kick cigarettes or nicotine completely

Another benefit to vaping is that you won’t need any ashtray anymore. Because it is actually an electronic device, you won’t need to have an ashtray with you everywhere you go. And for a better purpose, this can be your suitable way to help you quit smoking. You know that for some people smoking is becoming the habit that can’t be separated. So, is vaping bad for you? Well, looking at those benefits, it would be hard to call it bad, when compared to cigarette usage.


When you choose to vape as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, you can choose the exact strength of the nicotine in the e-juice. This can really help you figure out the exact amount of nicotine you’ll need to satisfy cravings, and even taper off cigarettes or nicotine completely.Also, since vaping does not produce any smoke, it won’t make you smell like a chimney as cigarettes do. For many, this is the main selling point for switching from cigarettes to vaping. I’m sure any cigarette smoker has experienced a time when they walked into a room and were stared at, or even called out verbally due to their nasty cigarette odor.

What are the dangers of vaping?

So what are the dangers of vaping? It’s important to note that although vaping is clearly a much safer way of using nicotine than it’s alternatives, there may be some health risks of vaping worth noting. Recent studies at Harvard have shown that many of the E-Juices being sold Locally do in fact include high levels of the unhealthy chemical Diacetyl and 2 other related chemicals. This is why it may be a good idea to completely avoid buying e-liquid from local e-juice vendors.

It’s also very important to keep in mind that vaping nicotine is still a relatively new concept. Vaping wasn’t really practiced widely until the early 2000s. E-Juice is not regulated nearly as much as cigarettes are, and this means that there still needs to be a lot more studies done on it before it can be deemed safe.