There has never been an easier time to quit smoking than the present day. Everyone is now aware of the health risks involved with smoking and many people are making a conscious effort to change their lifestyle and quit smoking. Many people have been affected by smoking, whether it was a friend or family member who was diagnosed or died from an illness related to smoking, or if they themselves have personally noticed the effects of smoking on their health or fitness levels. Giving up smoking is notoriously difficult and many people struggle. It can be challenging to change your routine, especially if you have been smoking for many years. That is why many people are turning to alternatives to cigarettes.

Thanks to progressions in technology and a more health conscious population, we have seen the introduction of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. These devices are a direct alternative to cigarettes, perfect for those who want to stop smoking or cut down on their nicotine intake through a less harmful source. These devices electronically vaporize vape juice(also referred to as e-juice) to create a similar sensation and produce smoke/vapor which resembles that found when smoking a traditional cigarette. Even more so, the user can choose a specific flavor of E-Juice: for example, menthol or coffee and can control the quantity of nicotine consumed.

About Vape Juice

Before using the E-juice with your electronic cigarette or vaporizer, you should first know of its ingredients. Firstly, there is VG or Vegetable Glycerin. This is used as the base of the juice since it replicates the sensation of smoking a normal cigarette. This natural chemical is derived from vegetable oil, therefore, vegetarians can use it with no problems. VG has a slightly sweet taste and is widely used in personal care and food products.

The next substance used is PG or Propylene Glycol. It is usually mixed with VG as the base for vape juice. The PG has neither odor nor color and is a solvent derived from petroleum. PG is used to create the ‘throat hit’, a sensation similar to the one found when smoking regular tobacco. When the E-Juice contains a higher PG concentrate, it will produce thicker clouds of smoke. However, you should be aware that PG could dry out your throat.

Besides VG and SG, the Juice also contains food grade flavoring, which flavors the vape juice. The last ingredient in E-Juice is the pure grade nicotine. The percentage of the juice which is nicotine is very small, usually around 0-2.4%. Water is sometimes added in order to dilute some or all of the ingredients if needed. You can purchase all of these ingredients online, or in some cases shops dedicated to e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

How to Make the E Liquid

Now you know the ingredients, here are the basics on how to make E-juice. Before making the E-juice, you should gather all the equipment needed, both for preparation and safety. The making of the E-Juice requires multiple types of bottles for both mixing and storing. These can also be found online or in specialty stores. We recommend preparing 30ml at a time, so you will need a 30ml bottle with an eye drop top. We use these bottles to mix the juice and then fill the vaporizer. For safety reasons, you want to be prepared with goggles, rubber gloves, and a safety apron. You should also have all of the ingredients and flavorings needed ready and prepared to create the juice.

Now you have everything ready we can start to prepare the base of the E-Juice. Firstly, combine the Propylene Glycol with the Vegetable Glycerin in your 30ml bottle. The ratios of PG:VG will depend on your personal preferences and tastes. As previously mentioned our recommended ratio is 80:20 PG: VG. This is for those who prefer more flavor and a stronger taste. However, you could choose to prepare a liquid with a 40:60 VG:PG rate, this will create less of a harsh hit and more vapor.

Next, you should determine the amount of nicotine that you desire. We recommend that if you are trying to quit smoking, it is better to use a smaller amount of nicotine than you would usually intake. 18 mg of nicotine should be enough to satisfy any cravings and from there you can gradually lessen the level over time. Lastly, you need to add your flavoring of choice. We advise only adding a few small drops at a time and increasing from there. You will be surprised in how little you might need. If you need inspiration there are plenty of websites online with recipes and advice on vape juice flavors.

Now you have the E-Liquid ready, the next step is to load your vaporizer. Before filling you should disconnect the tank is not connected to the battery. To fill, firstly shake and open the bottle of e-liquid. Secondly, unscrew the cap from the bottle and place the tip of the bottle against the wall of the e-cigarette’s tank, making sure the liquid only hits the wall of the tank. Do this slowly and be very careful. Also try hard to avoid any of the ingredients getting close to your eyes and skin. When the tank is full you should screw the mouthpiece on and reconnect the battery with the tank, making sure everything is screwed and tightened securely.

If you have children or pets, make sure the ingredients are kept in a safe place. Also, never use a high concentration of nicotine as this could have an effect on your health and this will not help you with trying to cut down or quit smoking. Do not forget the use of safety equipment, and if you accidently get some of the juice on your skin, you must wash the affected area immediately. Follow our guidance, be safe and do everything you can to avoid any accidents.