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Pounded Lemoncake by Raven’s Moon

Pounded Lemoncake is an unbelievable smooth and rich taste lemon vape. Don’t go for only a single bottle because the cloud of effervescence emanating from this liquid will only last a few minutes and you will soon find yourself craving for more. What is more delicious at any time of the day than a bottle of this vanilla frosting pounded Lemoncake? Can’t think of anything. This $12 slightly creamy vape juice will force the yummy! out of your mouth. A must have flavor with a magnetic taste that will get you falling in love with eliquids.. Get it now...

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Arctic Boysenberry by Raven’s Moon Vapor

Arctic Boysenberry is an eliquid of the modern era. It is a berry flavor with a blast of menthol, brewed beneath magnificent snow covered trees and inflicted with a dash of artic breeze. A $12 eliquid and vape juice made from nothing but fresh ripe fruits. Don’t be surprise to notice the crowd staring at you for trying to squeeze out the last few drops from a bottle of Artic boysenberry you couldn’t resist. Shop here for the real stuff and get used to the original taste and flavor so you don’t get fooled by cheap imitations. Get it...

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Utopia Drippers Blend by VapeFab Review

There are many Melon flavored E-liquid products out there, but guess what! You have not tried this E-liquid. This particular Melon E-liquid will ignite a fire in the middle of the ocean. As incredible and magnificent as that may sound, it is a typical description of Utopia Drippers Blend, a $13.99 vape juice with a unique mix of melon, honey, and creme.Legendarily prepared with no PG and a premium flavor that will make you vape the juice and even the bottle without a throat recourse. Cool right! Well, it doesn’t end there. It is the pride and credibility of Blackstone...

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Blue Razberry Vape Juice by Air Factory

Blue Razz is a premium vape juice product by Air Factory. It comes in a 100 ML bottle and it’s currently discounted at $20.00. opposed to its original price of $35.00. It has 3 different nicotine strengths levels of 0, 3 and 6. The flavor Blue Razz hints at a taste similar to mystery expect with a blue taffy candy twist. Like all products from Air Factory, the packaging comes in a sleek and attractive design of balloon looking figures with black holes for eyes(their logo). Get it...

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Baha Blast Vape Juice From BluePlanetVape

For tasting the best sensation of summer time, the Baha Blast Vape Juice is the ultimate treat. The price range on this product is only $11.99-$14.99, and this product includes a range of nicotine levels. The nicotine level is offered in 0, 3, 6, and 12. Furthermore, realizing that customers have different needs, BluePlanetVape offers the product in two sizes, the 15 ml, and 30 ml. This Baja Blast style vape juice really gives you a taste of lemon and lime that will make an unforgettable flavor explosion in your mouth. Get it...

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Pebbles of Fruit E-Liquid from LionHeart

Lionheart “Pebbles of Fruit” is a replication of that classic cereal, perfect for you lactose intolerant vapers out there! So one time when I was a kid, my mom got these generic Fruity Pebbles from the store, right? Obviously I was being a brat about it because no one likes generic cereal. I mean, it’s generic. Come on. But anyway, that was the best cereal I have ever had in my life. It was better than the Post stuff. Get it...

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Sweet Obsession Vape Juice by DreamE

Sweet Obsession E-Liquid is a tantalizing mixture of honeydew, melon, and pears, blended with a rich creamy flavor that will have your taste buds watering just thinking about it! Pavlov’s Dogs, anyone? The fusion of these fruity flavors in this E-Juice is an intense little trip to the tropics for your mouth. So well balanced and delicious to taste. When I vape this, it seriously calms my nerves and makes me feel so at ease. I love that you can taste the fruity flavors, and I never get tired of it. It’s seriously one of the best vapes I’ve...

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